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  • All About Pictures- Finding, Organizing, Editing, And Saving on Your Computer!

    During this class, you will learn how to manage pictures on your computer. Also, find out how to name, rename, and move pictures into folders to get organized. We will look at using the Photo Gallery and minor editing of pictures, such as cropping and making enhancements. We will use pictures for desktop backgrounds and insert a picture into Microsoft Word to manipulate for flyers, invitations, and other printed materials. This is a great class- held over Zoom. (Not for Apple/Mac users) 4-5 star ratings from 1000s of older adults!
  • Getting to Know Your iPhone!

    Author and Instructor Mike Wilson will demonstrate how to use your smartphone. This class is designed for mature and recent iPhone users! Mike will cover cell phone topics, such as the photo app, texting, navigating, apps, contacts, e-mail, camera, App Store, settings, and the internet. Your patient instructor and class will meet over Zoom. 4-5 star ratings for 1000s of older adults! Not for Android Users.
  • How to use Venmo Safely in 2024

    Stay up to date by expanding your technology knowledge and learn what you need to know about the mobile payment service called Venmo. Learn how to pay friends, and businesses or receive money without using cash or checks. You’ll leave this class with a confident understanding of how to set up Venmo safely, fees to avoid, and real world scenarios you or your family and friends may use with this mobile payment option. (this will be recorded as well to review at another time, if need be)
  • Internet Safety and Protecting Your Privacy Online

    ** Please note that the dates have changed from what is in the brochure- it is now July 12th -August 16th ** Internet Safety and Protecting Your Privacy Online Instructor: LeRoy Harris Designated class for 14+ Technology is constantly changing. More parts of our lives are being connected to the internet. Artificial Intelligence applications have leaped ahead. Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated and targeted. Not only that, social media from Facebook to Twitter to Tik Tok has made our world more shareable and less private. What happens to all of the information we put online - knowingly or unknowingly? Where is it stored and for how long? Who can access it? How can you keep something really private or safe? How can you tell if that email, message, or website is really what it claims to be? You don't have to be in the dark, use technology thoughtlessly, or feel left behind! Learn the implications and consequences of using social media, apps, and internet-based services. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to decide how much to share and how to stay safe using the internet. Participants are encouraged to bring their mobile or laptop devices to participate in a hands-on way for the class.
  • Save Time and Money with an Easy Computer Tune-Up!

    Save money and fix your computer yourself! No great are skills needed. Use three proven free online software to fix most related issues like malware and viruses with a few clicks of a button! Speed up your computer in no time! (Not for Apple/Mac users.) Easy steps held over Zoom. 4-5 star ratings for 1000s of older adults!
  • Social Media for Business

    Driving new customer traffic to your website and promoting your business is imperative in today’s technology world. Don’t let your skillset or company get left behind by missing the key social media rules and need to know! In this class, you’ll learn how to craft a simple but effective social media marketing strategy, listen directly to customers and implement tips to grow your business all while staying organized without technology overwhelm. Benefits for students: Students will leave the class with action items they can easily implement themselves to see results for their business or role within their company and organization. students will also benefit from having a plan for the rest of their 2023 year and know how to be effective with their time all while staying organized without technology overwhelm (this will be recorded as well to review at another time, if need be)